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Menlo-Atherton High School is located at 555 Middlefield Rd in Atherton, CA. Your GPS should bring you into the drop off circle. Delegates should be dropped off in front of the Performing Arts Center (PAC) sign. There will be signs and staff guiding the delegates to the opening ceremony. For pick up, please use the PAC as a meeting point. Closing ceremony will end at the same time for everyone, so there may be a little congestion.  


M-A is a 20 minute walk from the Menlo Park Caltrain station. For drop off, the northbound train arrives at 7:55am. Unfortunately, the southbound train arrives during opening ceremony. For pickup, the southbound departs at 6:58pm and the northbound departs at 6:50pm. 


We highly recommend biking to our campus! M-A has plenty of bike racks, but we recommend those by the Performing Arts Center for the safest and most convenient option.


If possible, we also recommend carpooling. The parking lot is accessible from Ringwood. Drop-off and pickup information is written above. It is best to park near the drop off circle or the Ringwood entrance.

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