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Conference Policies



Technology use is prohibited during ceremonies and committees. During unmoderated caucuses, delegates may only use technology for writing draft papers and resolutions. Technology may not be used for research during committee. 


Dress Code

Western business attire is preferred. We understand that delegates may have varying access to western business attire articles of clothing, but even with that restriction, delegates are expected to dress professionally. At the bare minimum, delegates should wear collared shirts with dress pants.  Clothing should be without political message unless it is related to the topic and country of the delegate. 



All work is expected to be original and created by the delegate for this conference. Directly and indirectly copying resolutions, speeches, or position papers is prohibited. Prewriting is also not allowed. Speeches, etc. must be written during the conference, with the exception of opening statements. Your work will be checked for plagiarism. Any use of AI is strictly prohibited. Academic dishonesty will result in ineligibility for awards or removal from the conference. 



Delegates are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with their position. They are expected to contribute to a productive debate and discussion. This includes refraining from profanity and “unprofessional” language. Harassment, bullying and yelling is prohibited. Delegates' conduct may result in removal from the conference. 



 Members of the secretariat, school and conference staff may take photos for use on promotional material. If you wish to opt-out of photography, contact



In order to win research awards, delegates must submit position papers by October 20th. Each committee will have around one best delegate award, two research awards, two outstanding delegate awards, and two honorable mentions. Awards are decided by the chairs. The amount of awards in each committee depends on the size and quality of the committee.

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