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Awards from MAMUNC23


  • Best: Belgium. 

  • Outstanding: Turkey, Croatia. 

  • Honorable: Portugal, Oman, Czech.

  • Verbal: Chile, China, Canada.

  • Research: Canada.

US Senate:

  • Best: Senator Mullin.

  • Outstanding: Senator Markey.

  • Honorable: Senator Collins, Senator Cassidy.

  • Verbal: Senator Hassan, Senator Murray.

  • Research: Patty Murray. 

Barbie Land Constitutional Convention

  • Best: Beach Ken.

  • Outstanding: Physicist Barbie.

  • Honorable: President Barbie, Stereotypical Barbie.

  • Verbal: Midge, Raquelle, Ken, too.

  • Research: Allan.

International Olympic Convention

  • Best: Germany.

  • Outstanding: United Kingdom, Belgium.

  • Honorable: Mexico, Aruba, Spain.

  • Verbal: Liechtenstein, Chile, Hungary.

  • Research: France.

Council of Fables

  • Best: Puss in Boots.

  • Outstanding: Loki.

  • Honorable: Anasi, Kraken.

  • Verbal: Quetzalcoatl, Eshu.

  • Research: Puck.

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